Jul 14, 2022 | Documentations

Recognizing the importance of research in making informed-decisions towards development of policies and formulating program enhancements, the Policy Development and Planning Bureau of the Department of Social Welfare and Development conducted the 2022 DSWD Research Forum on 24 June 2022 in DSWD Katapatan Board Room and via Zoom.

The Research Forum was attended by participants from the DSWD Central Office, Field Offices, National Government Agencies and Local Government Units. Two researches initiated by the Central Office were showcased during the event. The Study on the DSWD Social Protection Programs: A Focus on Indigenous Peoples, looked into the existing data of DSWD Social Protection programs relative to Indigenous Peoples (IPs) and relate how these programs address the existing needs of the IPs while the Tracer Study of Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) Participants, examined the sustainability of microenterprise/employment projects three (3) years after the graduation of the beneficiaries from the program in 2018. A panel of discussants, who were policy and research specialists, national government social development partners and program managers, have provided insights and further recommendations on the studies presented.

With the theme, “Re-examining the DSWD SP Programs Towards Reducing Risks & Vulnerabilities”, both studies highlighted the critical role of the DSWD social protection program in reducing risks and vulnerabilities of individuals, families and communities. Through the forum, it is hoped that communicating research results and findings to its internal and external stakeholders will lead the way to evidence-based policies that ensure protection of the marginalized sector and, ultimately, the progressive realization of universal social protection.

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